Oct 132011

Guided-Walking-HolidaysGandía is set in the La Safor region of Valencia and affords the visitor easy access to a huge range of mountain walks, hiking routes and biking excursions. Routes have been marked out for the traveller to follow – generally marked with red and white signs – and the local municipalities have also produced booklets and leaflets that suggest suitable routes and paths to follow.
One of the more interesting and unusual features of some of the routes in the area is the fact that for some of their length they follow what is known as “green ways”. These are in fact the lines followed by now disused railways and which are used by nature lovers who incorporate them into itineraries suitable for hikers and bicycle enthusiasts.

By far the most appealing feature of the routes in this area around Gandía, however, is the spectacular scenery to be found all along this stretch of the Costa Blanca. With the peak of Mondúber mountain – the highest in the La Safor range – soaring up behind Gandía, the visitor does not have to venture far to find impressive views and challenging hikes and climbs. Just on the outskirts of the mountain village of La Drova lies the Parpalló-Borrell natural park area and information centre, where the tourist can find a great deal of useful help, advice and suggested routes to explore.

Many interesting and scenic journeys – both on foot and by bicycle – can be made directly from Gandía itself, without the need to spend time reaching a particular start point. Alternatively, a whole host of mountain villages can be discovered with just a little time spent in getting to a slightly different part of the region. Bocairent is just one such example, and is a village where the Arab influences can still be seen in the narrow streets and the well-known “Covetes dels Moros” – a collection of interconnecting cave-like rooms cut into the mountainside, probably once used for grain storage by Berber communities, and certainly a feature well worth exploring by the able-bodied. From there, the suggested route goes to Ontinyent and Alcoi before linking up with the “green way” of the old railway line that linked Alcoi to Gandía port.

The large selection of routes and pathways in the region mean that, no matter what level of fitness the visitor may be at, there will certainly be a choice of excursions that will prove suitable, and of course do not have to be followed necessarily for their entire length if either time or effort is an issue. Any given route can be followed for a limited section, before either returning to the start point or diverging into a nearby town or village to seek an alternative route back home by road.

The spectacular scenery and interesting excursions in and around Gandia and the Valencia region mean that there is no shortage of something suitable for every nature lover who visits the area.